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Our Story

I was born and raised in Switzerland on goats' milk, goat cheese and lots of vegetables. In 1963, I immigrated to the United States, met my husband, Bob, and raised three children.

In 1978, we moved to the Silicon Valley and I enjoyed a successful real estate career. In 2002, we moved to Grass Valley, California to follow my dream of raising animals. We purchased a 35-acre ranch and bought Pygmy goats, Alpacas, and Shetland sheep.

It was quite a learning experience, and after many trials and errors, we made decisions regarding what we wanted to do for the longer term. Memories from my childhood kept bringing me back to goats milk and cheese. Bob and I knew that we wanted to grow, or raise, most of our food.

After a lot of research, we decided on Katahdin sheep. We collected our breeding stock from all over the U.S. We now have a superior herd and are producing great quality stock for the small family farm. Our sheep, and goats, are very healthy and tested for all diseases. We maintain a closed herd, and combined with organic feed and pasture, our animals do extremely well.

We also decided on Nubian goats because they have the sweetest, nicest tasting milk with one of the highest butter fat content. Our East Friesian Dairy Sheep also give us milk, and so with our Jersey milk cow, Bessie, we can choose from a variety of different milk to make our farmstead cheeses. My favorite cheese is Gruyere. My customers love it too!

Our beautiful Lowline cattle are grass-fed and therefore produce the most tasty beef you'll ever experience! Our animals are raised with love and quality care while they are with us! They are very friendly and happy. Come out and visit the ranch to experience true farmstead living!

-Ruth Bleau

beautiful yard