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Nubian Dairy Goats

Nubian goats are perfect for your own family farm!

We specialize in breeding and selling very healthy milking does who produce top quality, and a very high quantity of milk! Nubian milk has the highest fat content and is the sweetest of all goat milk to drink. We make a variety of cheeses from our goats' milk. We feed all of our animals organic feed from Modesto Milling, as well as pasture grass and hay, supplemented with organically grown vegetables and fruits! We are a disease free and closed herd with exceptional breeding lines!

All of our pastures are free from weed and pesticide sprays, and we organically grow our own vegetables and fruits!

We also chose the Nubian Goats because they look so cute with their long floppy ears and come spotted and in various colors. They are vocal and let you know when they want something. Nubian Goats originated in Africa.

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Nubian kids
Nubian goat
girl with Nubian kid
girl with Nubian kid