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Lowline Cattle

We breed Lowline cattle for you, the small acerage farmer who wants to raise superb meat!

Lowline cattle are very easy on your land and are a pleasure to raise. They are gentle, easy to handle, and are not demanding. They live very well together with sheep or goats.

Blue Oaks Ranch specializes in breeding very healthy animals who are used to being pasture raised and therefore produce tender and high-quality, grass-fed beef and have superior milk production. (The bottom right picture is of Bessie, our Jersey milk cow. We crossed her with our Lowline bull, Louie, and look at the surprise we received from both of them!)

My Lowline cattle are an absolute joy to have as part of our farm. They do the most beautiful lawn mowing after my sheep have picked through their favorite pasture delicacies. They also come and greet us when we stroll through our pastures. They love to be petted and thoroughly enjoy hand-outs such as apples, pears, and even a piece of pumpkin around Halloween!

Visit the following website and watch the video on the "Lowline Advantage" to learn about the history of this breed... We know you will be pleasantly surprised by what you Come and visit the ranch to experience them on your own. We're convinced you'll take a few home with you!


Lowline cattle
Lowline cattle Lowline heifer