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Our Story

The East Freisian is a breed of dairy sheep originating from East Friesia in northern Germany. It is either the best or one of the best sheep breeds in terms of milk yield per ewe. This breed was introduced into North America in the mid 1990s. They are becoming very popular because of their high milk yield.

The East Friesian is considered to be the world’s highest production dairy sheep and produces roughly 300-600 liters of milk, over a 200 to 300 day lactation. Historically the sheep were kept in small numbers for household milk. They are highly specialized animals and do poorly under extensive and large flock husbandry. They have a very sweet personality and communicate well. This breed lets you know their needs and wants. 

Another attraction of the breed is a relatively high average number of lambs born per ewe.

I thoroughly enjoy my Freisians. They have been very easy to train for milking and definitely a “barn buddy”.  Their sheep milk yogurt is the absolute best.

newborn Friesian Dairy Sheep lambs Friesian Dairy Lamb
Friesian Dairy Sheep ewe & lamb