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For Sale

Our 2017 babies have arrived and are ready to go to their new homes! Call us to check on our availability!

Katahdin Sheep

  • Our new lambs have arrived for 2017.
  • Prices start at $500.00 each.
  • We can create unrelated packages for those people who are just starting out. We have four different blood lines.
  • Our sheep are free of OPP and CL, and the genetic codons are RR and QR, which make them resistant to scrapies. We believe that in order to have healthy, vigorous babies, you need to start out with healthy, vigorous moms and dads. And also, look at the colors! (Pictures below of last season's babies!)
  • We feed certified organic feed.

Nubian Goats

  • Our kids for the 2017 season have arrived and are ready to go to their new homes. However, we have sold out of our doelings already! Our dairy herd has been improving every year through great genetics from superior milking line bucks out of Oregon. Our does are already heavy milkers with great quality milk.
  • All of our goats are registered with ADGA and our herd is fee of CAE and CL.
  • Call us now for your wants and needs. Prices start at $500.00 each.
  • Pictures of some of last year's kids are below...
  • We breed for easy handling personality traits and nice udders for easy milking.

Our beautiful bucks are Hurricane, a solid white buck born out of a National #2 milker mom, and Rendezvous, a brown spotted buck born out of a National #3 milker mom, both from Oregon. We also have Jack, our mature black and white spotted buck.

Friesian Dairy Sheep

  • Our new lambs for 2017 have arrived and are ready to go now to their new homes!
  • We have a small Friesian herd so if you're looking for some top-quality milkers, make your reservation now.
  • Our prices start at $500.00 each. We sell out quickly.
  • Our Friesian dairy sheep are from top quality breeding stock and are tested free of OPP and CL. We believe in healthy animals that give us healthy milk since we drink it and make cheese. (Feta, Peccorino, and much more!)

Lowline Cattle- We just love them!

  • All of our full-blood, Australian heritage and percentage "moderators" are registered. They are strictly grass-fed and are happy and healthy grazing on our lush pastures.
  • Our Lowlines have awesome personalities. Louie, our ten year old, full blood bull is a big baby and produces beautiful offspring. Our cows are like big puppies and come running to greet us!
  • We are adding several new full blood cows from Oregon to our herd. This gives us a more diversified genetic pool. Call for availability and more information.

Client Testimonials

We had the pleasure of having Vanessa and Logan Riffenburg stay with us. They enjoyed their stay so much, we decided to create an AirBnb on our farm. Click here to read their letter regarding their visit. Click here to see information regarding our AirBnB.