Blue Oaks Ranch
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Education & Activities

With any purchase of animals from Blue Oaks Ranch, the owner Ruth will give you all of the background information regarding breeding lines and dates of vaccinations for your animals. She will also give you registration information and guidance for the proper care of your animals. At any time during the ownership of your animals, you may call her with any questions.

Our farm was recently chosen to be a part of an upcoming garden tour! We are excited to announce that Blue Oaks Ranch will be featured in the Soroptimist International of the Sierra Foothills' 23rd Annual Spring Garden Tour! For more details, please click on the following:

Soroptimist International of the Sierra Foothills' 23rd Annual Spring Garden Tour on May 21st and 22nd, 2016!

If you would like to visit us and get ideas for your own farm, we also offer private tours for $25.00 per person. Ruth will share her experiences and the lessons she has learned running the farm. She will give you tips about how to be successful so you will have a headstart when it comes to your own farm. Blue Oaks Ranch is a model to follow for true, organic farmsteading!

We're are also very supportive of 4-H, Grange and FFA, and welcome any of these members to our farm!

Please call us for more details!

young girl and nubian kid Ruth milking sheep