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Basic care of sheep & goats

Basic care of animals is extremely important. We believe that by feeding nutritional feed, providing adequate shelter and good pasture, and removing predator threats, our animals thrive.

If you are planning to own any farm animals, keep in mind that they are domesticated animals and need care. Proper fencing, shelter from the winter cold and rain, and shade from the summer heat, are necessary items for them. Guardian animals, such as guard dogs, llamas, or a donkey, are a great help in keeping predators away. People say that goats eat anything, but in our experience they are very particular about what they eat. They prefer browsing on brush rather than grazing on grass. If you want nice, happy, healthy animals, then give them lots of love. I strongly advise anyone who is starting any size farm to choose a reliable veterinarian and establish a relationship with that person before problems arise. My veterinarian knows all my animals by name, knows my setup, and knows my crazy personality! She has given me lots of guidance over the phone and makes herself very available in case of a true emergency.

We suggest that you invest in good books, and recommend the "Story Guides." Read them!

girl and baby Nubian