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Welcome to Blue Oaks Ranch

Blue Oaks Ranch is also proud to announce that our guest house is available for booking your next vacation, whether one night or more, or for staying while you choose which animals you would like to purchase! For more information, please click on the following reservation site:

Blue Oaks Ranch Guest House Reservations

We specialize in supplying stock for the small family farm and are happy to educate newcomers to the farmsteading life. We feed and grow only organic feed for both us and the animals. This is a lifestyle we have chosen, and through our animals we have met some of the nicest people! We invite you to come visit!

We raise purebred, registered Katahdin Hair Sheep. We are proud of our flock, our accomplishments and our beautiful ranch here in the historic gold country of northern California.

We also raise Nubian Dairy Goats, Friesian Dairy Sheep, and Lowline Cattle. Our breeding stock is from all over the United States and Canada. We breed for vigorous health and superior milk production, as well as calm and friendly temperaments in all of our animals.

We love our animals, and as you browse through our website, we think you will agree...

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